High Water Spring

  Spring time in the Delta is a beautifulThe Mississippi River and all its distributaries and tributaries are swollen into there floodplains replenishing wetlands and estuaries, creating the perfect ecosystems for the reproduction of reptiles, amphibians, fish, mammals and waterfowl.  Male wood-ducks with striking arrangements of color, are looking for mates and the perfect tree to have their young. Frogs and salamanders take advantage of the shallow pools. All types of birds are arriving, heading north to their summer dwellings. Flocks of White Pelicans soar high in the sky performing mating maneuvers. The female deer are gorging themselves, taking advantage of the accelerated growth of fauna, preparing for their newborns coming in June.  Many species of freshwater fish migrate into these ecosystems and spawn.  This phenomenon wouldn’t be possible if the waters didn’t rise annually.
  In 2016, Clarksdale witnessed  a 1000 year flood, only to see a similar scare two years later. All across the country we are seeing an increase in rainfall due to the warming of the planet and there’s more  to come. Unfortunately with the increased water, we are closing off floodplains and wetland across the nation, which will add to the problem. When floodplains and wetlands are drained and destroyed, we always see the effects downstream. These watery ecosystems are home to thousands of species.  They say if the main stem of the river has  one species, the floodplains and wetlands will have up to 10,000 more species. With the attack on our rivers and environment from our current administration, we have to come together as River Citizen’s and let the country hear our voice.
The Yazoo Pumps, a failed man-made concept, is back on the table. This idea was refused and labeled a failure years ago, is now being reconsidered. It was a bad idea from the start and now is revisited for political reasons. With the draining of wetlands, you not only decimate a whole ecosystem, but setting ourselves up for another failed environmental catastrophe downstream.  The one human trait that continues to ruin our country, is our inability to admit our failures. Our pride and false perception of  humanity , has put us in a position power, and we can’t allow it to ruin our,precious natural world. We need to stop the attack on our natural world for profit, or we will pay for it dearly.
Become a River Citizen today and get involve in the fight to protect and preserve our great River! Mark River