“Moments like this are luminous pearls that shine forever
in the heart of every traveler…”
~Gayle Harper
Author of “Roadtrip with a Raindrop: 90 Days Along the Mississippi River
8th Graders Canoeing the Mississippi River with Quapaw Canoe Company; Photo Credit: John Ruskey

8th Graders Canoeing the Mississippi River with Quapaw Canoe Company; Photo Credit: John Ruskey

Creating Memories on the Mighty Mississippi!

May 12, 2016

Dear River Citizens,

Across the Mississippi River region, 1 Mississippi brings people and organizations together to improve the health of our mighty River. In fact, many of our member organizations are dedicated to providing opportunities for River Citizens to connect to the River in personal and meaningful ways.

John Ruskey, founder of the Quapaw Canoe Company, is one of 1 Mississippi’s longstanding partners. He and his crew have been offering adventurous canoeing and kayaking expeditions on the Lower Mississippi River for many years.

One of Quapaw Canoe Company’s most recent adventures included a 5-day canoe trip on the Mississippi River with 37 8th graders from Kirkland, Washington. Connecting children with the River is an important step in protecting it. As John says, “[it’s] great to see kids interact with nature, sliding in the mud, listening to the red-winged blackbirds…one kid sat on the edge of the river with his toes in the water and studied pieces of river rocks…[he] gazed into the muddy swirling, seemingly entranced.”

Teens Creating Memories on the River; Photo Credit: John Ruskey

Teens Creating Memories on the River; Photo Credit: John Ruskey

The River truly inspires people of all ages. It creates special memories, like the ones the 8th graders (hopefully future River Citizens!) from Washington are sure to appreciate for years to come. And the more we engage with the River, the more we seem to appreciate its beauty and all it has to offer.

To learn more about the adventures that Quapaw Canoe Company has to offer, visit their website.

And to learn more about adventures in other areas throughout the Mississippi River region, please visit our website at 1mississippi.org

For example:

  • In West Alton, Missouri, the Riverlands Paddle Festival takes place on May 21, 2016.
  • On June 11, 2016, in Grafton, Illinois, bring your family to the Two Rivers Family Fishing Fair.
  • In Memphis, you can cruise the Mississippi aboard a paddle wheeler for a sightseeing tour, daily through November 30th.
  • In the Twin Cities, Wilderness Inquiry provides guided tours of the Mississippi River in 24-foot Voyageur canoes all throughout the summer months.

The 1 Mississippi website also contains important information about the health of the River and other ways you can protect it. Please also help the River by forwarding our newsletter, joining the conversation on Facebook and Twitter and encouraging others to sign up to become a River Citizen at 1mississippi.org.

Your River adventure awaits, River Citizens. Don’t miss out!

Brooke Thurau, 1 Mississippi Campaign Coordinator

Why are you a River Citizen?

Tennessee / Kentucky 1 Mississippi Outreach Assistant

Tennessee / Kentucky 1 Mississippi Outreach Assistant

“I am a River citizen because I grew up on the Mighty Mississippi and directly saw how much of an impact the River has had on my community. The soul of Memphis runs through the river – It is in almost every blues song, painting, and story about Memphis. I want to help preserve the River so the future generations can continue to see what a positive impact the Mississippi River can have on them. The River needs our time, love, and attention to begin to make these positive changes.”
~Jessie Demster
Memphis, Tennessee