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Welcome members of the Mississippi River Network! This kit was designed to help you, our member organizations, get on and stay on message. In this Message Kit you will find:

  • Introduction to Values-based Messaging: general information on values-based messages, a summary of public opinion research and the campaign’s overarching message
  • Target Audiences: descriptions of campaign target audiences who are most receptive to supporting the Mississippi River
  • Messengers: messengers and pathways to reach the audiences
  • Toolboxes: an image gallery and “kits” with downloadable materials for launching the campaign, everyday promotion, hosting events, advocacy and web outreach
  • Flooding Toolkit: communication materials specifically designed for before, during and after flooding events
  • Dead Zone Press Release: template for consistent communication about the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

If you are new to communications, feel free to check out the other Message Kit sections listed below under “Resources for Members” before delving into the Toolboxes.

We hope that you find this Mississippi River Network message kit useful for your work. For questions or comments, email 1 Mississippi Campaign Manager Brooke Thurau @

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