Hello, River Citizens:

Clean water is a necessity to all living beings. Without it, farmers cannot grow crops or water their livestock. Without it, drinking water isn’t safe. Without it, fish and other wildlife cannot survive. And, without it, families miss out on some of their favorite recreational activities—swimming and fishing in local streams and creeks, activities I think many of you have been participating in this summer.

Photo courtesy of the Lower Mississippi River Foundation

The Clean Water Rule of 2015, which was created from extensive scientific research and public support, was put into place to protect the streams and creeks that feed into larger rivers, including the Mississippi River. It was created to ensure that all of us have access to safe water. It was overwhelmingly supported by the public because it protects farmers, fishers, swimmers, and the millions of citizens who rely on the Mississippi River basin and other waterways for drinking water.

But now, the federal government plans to repeal the Clean Water Rule, which will mean the loss of pollution protections for the streams, creeks and smaller rivers that feed into our mighty Mississippi. Repealing the Rule will have devastating effects on our River and all of us who rely on and enjoy it.

See why Illinois farmer Carol Goodall Wock is against the 
repeal of the Clean Water Rule

While this news is upsetting, you can help in two ways. First, if you haven’t already, you can participate in 1 Mississippi’s “Repel the Repeal” action, which will send a letter to the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, as well as your legislators, urging them to protect our waterways. It’s really simple to do, just follow this link, and input your information. It takes just two minutes or less. If you’d like, you may edit the letter to make it more personal.

Second, make your voice heard by submitting a unique comment to the U.S. Government’s website. By law, governmental agencies like the EPA are required to give the public a designated time to comment on notices of proposed rulemaking. In this case, the comment period ends on August 28, 2017. Click here to comment. Let the EPA know why clean water is important to you and why you oppose the repealing of the Clean Water Rule. Note: look for the “Comment Now!” button on the top-right of the webpage. Click here for tips on how to submit an effective comment.

The Clean Water Rule of 2015 was put into place to protect all of us, including farmers, families, and fish. Please take action today to help keep the Rule in place. And know that I am joining you in taking action.

Your friend and fellow River Citizen,