Kristen Mertz – St. Louis Regional Outreach Assistant

image provided by: EMSCO

I’ve never really been into New Year resolutions. If I needed to change my habits, I would at any point in the year. This is especially intriguing, because this is my constant battle: being eco-friendly, along with getting others to understand why IT IS IMPORTANT. From what you wear to what you eat, you are making a decision that affects the entire planet.
My eco resolution is to become more vocal and encouraging, assisting others in creating a more green life for themselves, and remembering why I began mine.

Here are some steps I have taken to become more eco-friendly:

•Re-useable EVERYTHING!!
I keep a silverware set on hand, along with metal straws, bags, and today I even had Kaldi’s coffee use my own bottle to put my coffee in.

•RECYCLE: plastic, aluminum, glass, paper, electronics….why wouldn’t you??
BUT they must be CLEAN in order to be accepted.

•RECYCLE OLD CLOTHES: fabrics can be accepted at Remains in STL, donated to places such as Goodwill, or local clothing swaps.

•BUY SECONDHAND: Before purchasing try looking for it on FB market, or a resale shop. Consumerism is engulfing us.

•Keep your local drinking water clean, ONLY RAIN DOWN THE STORM DRAIN. Limit use of pesticides/fertilizers on lawns. Dispose of old car fluids correctly.

•Call your energy provider and see if you can be connected to a renewable, I live in Alton, IL and am participating.

If you do any of these today because you read this post, my eco-resolution is in full effect. These simple tasks will greatly effect our river’s health as well.