One goal for 1 Mississippi is to educate the public on the urgent problems facing the River. We are supported by the Mississippi River Network, a group of organizations that are experts in various areas concerning the River. Each section below is intended to provide some basic knowledge about these important issues and links to experts who can provide more detailed information.


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The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is a bipartisan federal program dedicated to the conservation of national parks, trails, monuments and more, but this program is in danger of expiring. Learn more about the LWCF and help us ensure it is around for future generations. 


cropped -700 - 1927 flood near Cairo NOAA_Photo_LibraryNEW MADRID FLOODWAY

The only official floodplain for the Mississippi River in the state of Missouri is called the New Madrid Floodway. This area is essential for flood management and crucial habitat, but it is in danger of being closed by a levee.




Fertilizer runoff from America’s farmlands creates an area in the Gulf of Mexico that has very low oxygen levels in which very few animals can survive.


water-quality-issuesWATER QUALITY

Over 18 million people get their drinking water from the Mississippi River. Clean water is essential to the health of families and businesses.



The Mississippi River basin supports over 400 species, only one of which is humans.

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