Land and Water Conservation Fund

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Land and Water Conservation Fund

Along the Mississippi River and across the country, our national, state and local parks, trails and refuges provide outdoor recreation access, improve water quality, reduce flood damage and enhance wildlife habitat. For the past 50 years, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has been the only federal program dedicated to the continued conservation of these important parks, as well as monuments, and civil war battlefields. One of your favorite parks has probably benefited from LWCF. Learn more about LWCF projects by state on the LWCF website.

By using revenues from offshore oil and gas development, the LWCF is not dependent on taxpayer dollars to conserve parks, open spaces, and wildlife habitat for the benefit of hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation.

LWCF’s original bipartisan legislation lasted 50 years and will expire this September 30 unless Congress acts to reauthorize this important conservation program.

Congress also needs to keep the promise of LWCF by not diverting LWCF funds for other purposes. The program is authorized to receive up to $900 million each year—but in many years most of these funds are diverted elsewhere. Now also is the time to fix these diversions and ensure that funds retained in the LWCF ac­count are used for their intended con­servation and recreation purposes.

Without your help, LWCF could expire this September 30. Please act now to ask your US Representative and Senators to reauthorize and fully fund LWCF.

Join your fellow River Citizens by acting now to support reauthorizing and fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Please join the conversation with 1 Mississippi on Twitter using the hashtags #LWCF #Outdoors4All and tweet to your Senators and Representatives.

“Unquestionably, the Land and Water Conservation Fund is one of America’s most important conservation laws.  Our nation’s national forests, wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, national monuments and civil battlefields are the envy of the world and the birthright of every citizen.  TR helped to lay the foundation of this incredible tool for conservation, and as we commemorate its 50th anniversary, Congress should do its duty by renewing its commitment to conserving America’s outdoor treasures by reauthorizing and fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund this year”

Theodore Roosevelt IV, governing council member of The Wilderness Society, great grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt

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