Mississippi River Mayors Speak Up for Clean Water

July 10, 2017

Contact: Brooke Thurau, Mississippi River Network, 312-754-0407

(Chicago) — Seventeen mayors from states along the Mississippi River spoke up today about the need for increased efforts to improve water quality and reduce flooding impacts. The mayors threw their support behind the development of metrics and funding mechanisms for the implementation of state Nutrient Reduction Strategies. The letter from the mayors was released by the Mississippi River Network, in partnership with the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative.

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The Mississippi is America’s River—a critical source of drinking water for 18 million people, a diverse and critical habitat for wildlife, the backbone of the economy and a rich part of American heritage. However, the river is also facing incredible challenges, like harmful algal blooms and the “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico, both caused by excessive nitrogen and phosphorus contamination making their way into the Mississippi River.

Funding for implementation of state nutrient reduction strategies, agricultural conservation, and ecosystem restoration programs would help alleviate this stress to the river and associated impacts to the local economy.

“The problems facing the Mississippi are complex and will require communities, elected leaders, conservation partners, businesses, and rural landowners working together, as well as dedicated, long-term funding,” said Brooke Thurau with the Mississippi River Network. “Implementation of the strategies outlined in each state’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy will help us realize the goal of a 40 percent reduction in nitrogen making its way to the Mississippi River, and thus ensuring the vibrancy of the Mississippi River corridor for the benefit of people, wildlife and future generations.”

Below are the cities and towns that have committed to ensuring the future health and vitality of the Mississippi River and promoting its importance as a natural, cultural, and historical resource and as an economic driver.

• East St. Louis, Mayor Emeka Jackson-Hicks

• Davenport, Mayor Frank Klipsch
• Dubuque, Mayor Roy Buol

• Hickman, Mayor David Lattus

• Gretna, Mayor Belinda Constant
• St. Gabriel, Mayor Lionel Johnson, Jr.
• Tallulah, Mayor Paxton J. Branch
• Vidalia, Mayor Buz Craft,

• Dayton, Mayor Tim Mcneil
• St. Cloud, Mayor Dave Kleis
• St. Paul, Mayor Coleman

• Nachez, Mayor Darryl V. Grennell

• Cape Girardeau, Mayor Harry Rediger
• St. Louis, Mayor Francis Slay

• Lacrosse, Mayor Tim Kabat


About the Mississippi River Network

The Mississippi River Network is a coalition of 53 regional and national non-profit organizations and nearly 20,000 1 Mississippi River Citizens working together for a healthier Mississippi River from the headwaters to the Gulf.



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