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It’s time to reflect on 2019 – 1 Mississippi River Citizen highlights!

It’s time to reflect on 2019 – 1 Mississippi River Citizen highlights!

It’s safe to say, 2019 was a year of overflow on the Mississippi River and its tributaries. Record-breaking flooding in 2019 across the watershed leaves no doubt that the River must be respected. This past year was also another reminder that we are in a time of change. Our choices and actions today will have rippling impacts on the generations to come.

September 2019: Flowing into Fall on the Mississippi River

September 2019: Flowing into Fall on the Mississippi River

As Fall settles on the Mississippi River, we extend our gratitude to all who participated in last months’ River Citizens Challenge and to those who have shown up for the River this summer! From growing the community by spreading the word about 1 Mississippi (the only national public program dedicated to protecting and restoring the Mississippi River from headwaters to gulf) to taking advocacy action and attending local River-focused events.

April 2019: How can we respond to flooding?

April 2019: How can we respond to flooding?

Record flooding in 2019 on the Mississippi and its tributaries have left many River communities wondering what’s next. How do we rebuild and/or prepare for increasingly catastrophic high water events?

What do farmers, families, and fish have in common?

What do farmers, families, and fish have in common?

  Hello, River Citizens: Clean water is a necessity to all living beings. Without it, farmers cannot grow crops or water their livestock. Without it, drinking water isn’t safe. Without it, fish and other wildlife cannot survive. And, without it, families miss out...

What Does it Take to Be a Rock Star River Citizen?

What Does it Take to Be a Rock Star River Citizen? What an exciting spring it’s been for 1 Mississippi! In addition to enjoying the beauty that spring brings to the Mississippi River basin, Rock Star River Citizens like you have taken the time to help our mighty River...

Are You Ready to Spring Into Action? -March 2017 Newsletter

Hello, River Citizens! Spring has sprung!  For many, being cooped up for much of the winter inspires participation in a longstanding tradition: Spring cleaning! We spend hours cleaning windows until they sparkle, boxing up winter coats and decluttering basements and...

The Greatest Gift of All – December 2016 Newsletter

One of my favorite childhood memories of the holiday season is waking up with my sisters before sunrise, full of excitement, jumping into our parents’ bed to tell them that Santa had come. It seemed to always take them forever to make their way to the Christmas tree;...

November Newsletter: Together, We Can Make a Difference

Hello, River Citizens! After a long election season, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the elected officials who have made a pledge to protect our mighty Mississippi River: the River that is incredibly important to so many of us. It is a critical source of...

From Fields to Rivers to Faucets: September 2016 Newsletter

September 29, 2016 Dear, River Citizens, Close your eyes for just a few seconds and imagine that you are looking at an American farm. What do you see? A farm house with rocking chairs on a wide front porch, a tractor puttering in a field and an American flag waving in...

Step 1

Become a River Citizen

Yes! The river can count on me!

I am committed to protecting the Mississippi River and will take at least three actions to care for this valuable resource. Please keep me informed about actions I can take to protect the Mississippi River as a River Citizen:


Step 2

Educate Yourself

One goal for 1 Mississippi is to educate the public on the urgent problems facing the River. We are supported by the Mississippi River Network, a group of organizations that are experts in various areas concerning the River. Each section below is intended to provide some basic knowledge about these important issues and links to experts who can provide more detailed information. 

Nutrient pollution

Importance of floodplains and wetlands

Farm bill conservation programs


Step 3

Take Action

There are many ways you can take action. We have a list of 10 actions you can take now, You can volunteer and you can check our action center in order to see what bigger projects we are working on. Here we give you the information you need to call your congressman or sign onto proposals. You can also check out our events calendar to see what events are happening in your area.

10 actions you can take now!

The Action Center

Events Calendar

River Citizens are people who want to clean up and protect America's greatest River. 

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