River of Eagle’s Dreams

Eagles on River 1

“River of Eagle’s Dreams”

Cinda Welu
Dubuque, Iowa

We are blessed by many things…
A river that meanders gracefully, stoically, never-ending.
Growing old and new all at the same time.
With rhythm and determination sublime.

Where is the heart of the river?
Where is the pulse to be taken?
It flows through each one of us.
We touch our toes in the still coolness of the back waters.
We peer across the expanse from one side to the other.

It is our River – “Our River of Life”.
Breathe out – Breathe in
The River ever-changing yet fulfilling on its journey.
Knowing that the souls living on its coast are most often distracted.
Lost in the day to day ebb and flow which is Life.

Oh, what forethought and honesty for it to become a “River of Dreams”.
We all need the courage to soar like the eagles.
To light from flight and bravely state:
“These bluffs are monuments to the River.”
They protect and tenderly caress each cascading tendril.

Don’t let it be just our “River of Words”
How often do we say,
“I’ll protect it someday”.
Don’t let the banks be washed away.
Don’t let the rocks crumble to our Eagle’s feet.

Be the Bridge that is needed to cross over.
Be the Caretaker we were all meant to be.
For us all…the “River of Eagle’s Dreams”.

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