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1 Mississippi River Citizens are from all walks of life, hold diverse recreational interests, political beliefs and very different zip codes. In fact, there are River Citizens in all 50 states.  Get inspired by other people’s stories here and then share your testimonial!

E Hallowell pic w son“I am a River Citizen because I was born at the headwaters of the Mississippi in Little Falls and grew up across from the Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, IL (I biked there in summer of 2013 and saw there river display) I lived on Nicollet Island for 6 years in late 80’s and to mid 90’s. Water care is critical to me. I lost my adult son Glenn Allan Hallowell to cancer at age 39, he would have been 45 on February 16, 2014; his cousin in Canada is one month younger, Caritas (Carey) Bergman, a renowed wildlife biologist with the Haida Gwai people in the Queen Charlotte Islands, also very concerned about water quality as well…so I am very concerned about pesticides and other chemicals in the Mississippi River. and all tributaries leading to same and the health of the bayous in Louisiana…I also worked for the Corps of Engineers in St. Paul throughout two flood seasons..bless your mission…”  – Elizabeth Irene Goodman Hallowell

john barry headshot “I am a River Citizen because the River is perfect. Man is not perfect. If man makes a mistake against the River, the River will find it, and exploit it.” – John Barry, Author of Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America

1st  Mississippi River Trip -BobbyC “Transforming Tides” a poem by Bobby Childers

“Apprehension of that Mighty River…
Instilled by folklore and words of wisdom from our wary wrinkled elders,
Sentiments adopted along those expansive loamy banks by many dwellers..”                                                               Read the full poem here

Cinda & Glory View the Mississippi at Dubuque_cropped“River of Eagle’s Dreams” a poem by Cinda Welu

“We are blessed by many things…
A river that meanders gracefully, stoically, never-ending.
Growing old and new all at the same time.
With rhythm and determination sublime.”          Read full poem here.

John Sullivan - River Citizen“I have worked on Mississippi River water quality issues for more than 25 years. I will be retiring soon and wanted to stay engaged in river issues in the future. The 1 Mississippi campaign seems like a good way to continue my focus on Mississippi River WQ management issues during retirement.” – John Sullivan, River Soloist.

george-sorvalis“I am a River Citizen because by speaking out for the health of the River in huge numbers, our politicians will begin supporting projects that can heal the River from our century and a half of engineering. A new path to a healthy Mississippi River will be forged by River Citizens, not politicians, engineers, or captains of industry.” – George Sorvalis, Manager of National Wildlife Federation’s Water Resources Campaigns and Coordinator of the Water Protection Network.

Andy from Dubuque, Iowa:
“I hope the things that I see today are here for my kids and their kids in the future.”

Mara from Clarksdale, Mississippi:
“I really enjoy going out on the river. Canoeing kayaking and being out in nature.”

Mary from Minneapolis, Minnesota:
“A place I can go to be away from the rest of the city and watch wildlife.”

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