Transforming Tides

misscanoefinal - BobbyC


Apprehension of that Mighty River…
Instilled by folklore and words of wisdom from our wary wrinkled elders,
Sentiments adopted along those expansive loamy banks by many dwellers..
Shores without ends and inhabited by an unknown number of fearing delta souls,
The unfortunate amassing of such a large disconnected population as a whole..
The intentions of such sincere motives are made in good honor,
Yet, negative connotations are often derived and conjured..
Painting a picture as opaque as those waters stained by mud,
Revelations that are as stagnant as some trapped back water left from a previous flood..
Lacking a sense of understanding, completeness and clarity,
The given consequence is a tarnished message that is full of disparity..
Molding a reputation as scarred as those dancing abraded willows,
One that is relentless as those tugs chugging on the waves that billow..
Supposed words of wisdom are focused on what has been taken,
Often neglecting any mentioning of causation or all that has been given..
Creating segregation between that of perception and reality,
Those big waters encroach not upon us as some had thought originally..
They have been victims of unprovoked intrusion,
As inhabitants have swarmed like a fog of mosquitoes creating a mass infusion..
Infecting and harassing the life out of the river,
What can one expect of such aggressive and agitating behavior..
Without a doubt, the river is dominant and that force it will exert,
With never the intention of inflicting any discomfort or hurt..
Efforts of those waters are purely for the sake of self-sustainment,
Thwarting attempts to apply restraints and shackles of enslavement..
Those waters were meant to run wild and free,
As are all its’ critters including those birds aloft that are sedentary and migratory..
This lack of understanding of causation is the dilemma that has fed the fears,
For the river has a tongue which speaks to mostly deaf ears..
These conjured and unjustified fears persist with great longevity,
Longer than those grand cypress that once floated in a procession upon swells helplessly..
Overcoming these fears while maintaining respect is quiet a task,
One that has been embraced by those Mighty Quapaws of today and of the past..
For their passion enabled an understanding of the language that had been forsaken,
Neglecting not the river for their senses have been awaken..
For its offerings are numerous to those that choose to peacefully partake,
After all, it acts as an artery that feeds those requirements of life for our sake..
Cleansing and pulsating those essentials beyond a scope that we can comprehend,
Acting like a sponge as it wipes away our mistakes in an attempt to mend..
Supplying food and drink for those ranging wide and far,
Stocking those lakes and oxbows with all species of creatures including the infamous alligator gar..
The moisture that reaches our lips is likely owed to those refreshing waters,
Without them, arid would be the norm for all those forgotten aquifers..
As those waters expand over the alluvial plains and submerge those stands of forest,
Treasures are deposited for future row crops where the people can be nourished..
Many gifts it bears and acknowledging those is a start of notable virtue,
Still, we need to do more to resurrect our relationship with those waters of varying hues..
Those gifts are like life in that they are not guaranteed,
Now is the time to mimic the molting action of a cicada by ridding ourselves of complacency..
Revealing the truth for our sight suffered from distortion,
With vision as clear as blue skies, inspired and required is a transformation..
Those tides of erosion need be retired,
That of appreciation must be acquired..
In order to protect The Big Ditch, the one that we call the Mighty Mississip?

1st  Mississippi River Trip -BobbyC

~ Bobby Childers

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