New Madrid Floodway

Stop the New Madrid Levee Project to protect river communities in Illinois, Missouri and Kentucky

Photo courtesy of Prairie Rivers Network

Photo courtesy of Prairie Rivers Network

The New Madrid Floodway is in danger of being closed by a levee. Closing the floodway would shove floodwaters elsewhere, endangering residents of Illinois, Missouri and Kentucky while primarily benefiting a few politically-connected, large landowners.

Please speak out for river communities to stop the levee—which would put people at risk for dangerous flooding

The New Madrid Floodway is essential to a healthy Mississippi River ecosystem, an ecosystem that protects both humans and wildlife. The Levee Project would cost taxpayers $165 million dollars and drain more than 53,000 acres of wetlands, increasing the potential for catastrophic floods and endangering waterfowl and other wildlife.

Photo courtesy of National Wildlife Federation

Photo courtesy of National Wildlife Federation

Residents of this area know first-hand how flooding can wreak havoc on river communities.  The flood of 2011 destroyed 50 homes in Olive Branch, Illinois and nearly washed out the towns of Cairo, Illinois and Hickman, Kentucky.


2011 Flood; Photo courtesy of the US Coast Guard

The Levee Project is especially frustrating for these communities because after the devastating floods of 1927, which killed nearly 500 people and destroyed homes, farms and cities, the government designated four official floodplains along the Mississippi River to prevent further catastrophes. Now, the proposed Levee Project is putting these communities at risk while simultaneously destroying wetland habitat and endangering millions of wild species.

1927 flood meme for New Mardid action alert

In fact, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says this project “would cause substantial, irretrievable losses of nationally significant fish and wildlife resources, and greatly diminish rare and unique habitats found in southeast Missouri.” Experts and local officials agree the levee would be devastating for river communities, wildlife and the environment.

Please help stop the New Madrid Levee Project to protect river communities from dangerous floods in Illinois, Missouri and Kentucky.

We also invite you to join the conversation about the New Madrid Levee Project with 1 Mississippi on Twitter using the hashtag #StoptheLevee.

Take Action Today

For more information about the New Madrid Levee Project, please visit the websites of other groups who are working to stop the New Madrid Levee.

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Thank you, River Citizens, for all that you do for the Mississippi River and the people and wildlife who depend on a healthy watershed for survival!


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