Tens of thousands of Americans joined forces to stop the environmentally devastating Yazoo Pumps project in 2008—saving 200,000 acres of wetlands along the Mississippi River that support hundreds of species of wildlife, including the threatened Louisiana Black Bear. 

But some members of Congress hope to reverse this progress and put some of the nation’s richest wetlands back on the chopping block.

Take Action Now to Stop Congress from destroying vital wetlands habitat.

In a throwback to another era and contrary to federal policy, the Yazoo Pumps would drain wetlands so a handful of wealthy families could intensify agricultural production. This project would be a catastrophe for the environment and taxpayers. Senator John McCain has called this $220 million Army Corps of Engineers’ project “one of the worst ever conceived of by Congress.”

Thanks to you and many others who spoke out against the Yazoo Pumps, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency vetoed this wasteful project in 2008.  Don’t let Congress throw away this crucial victory.  

Please tell your members of Congress to protect the nation’s vital wetlands, uphold Clean Water Act protections, and abandon efforts to resurrect the antiquated, wasteful, and devastating Yazoo Pumps.