On September 9, the US House of Representatives voted 262 to 152 to approve HR 5078 as an attempt to block the Clean Water Act protection rule-making underway by the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). See how your local Member of Congress voted here. It’s uncertain if the US Senate will take up the bill during this fall’s abbreviated session. President Obama’s Administration has threatened a veto if the Senate does act on the bill.

HR 5078 is one of many roadblocks opponents of the Clean Water Act protection rule are expected to try to circumvent the rule-making process and prevent the implementation of any resulting rule. They also will attempt to add restrictions to budget bills or other legislation.

Now more than ever we need to support clarifying existing law and ensuring clean water protections for streams and wetlands, which many consider to be two of our nation’s great natural resources. You can help clarify Clean Water Act protections and keep the rule-making process moving forward in these three ways:

Submit comments (and encourage others to do so) via our 1 Mississippi Action Center to the USEPA supporting their proposed Clean Water Act rule to clarify which smaller streams and wetlands deserve protection;

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper voicing your support for the USEPA rule-making (we have a model letter or use your own words);

Write a letter to your US Senators (or call them) asking that they oppose HR 5078 or similar legislation or budgetary roadblocks that would prevent completion of the rule-making process or implementation of the resulting rule (we have a model letter or use your own words).

Andy-headshot-cropped-July-2014If you would like additional information, a model letter to the editor or a model letter to your Senator, please contact me, Andy Kimmel, Mississippi River Network Policy Manager,  by calling 312-754-0408 or by sending email to akimmel@bluestemcommunications.org.