We are 1 Mississippi

Protect our national treasure, the Mississippi River!

The Mississippi River is truly America’s River – a critical source of drinking water for 18 million people, a diverse habitat for wildlife, the backbone of our economy and a rich part of our heritage. The Mississippi River unites us as a people and we rely on it more than most of us realize.

We all count on the River, but can the River count on us?

Today, our great River is in trouble. Pollution from untreated sewage, farms and factories, along with weak law enforcement have caused our great River to deteriorate. The River is part of us and our communities; its poor health impacts us all.

River Citizens – People the River can count on!

Luckily, we can help by making simple changes in our lives and standing up for the River. The first step is to become a River Citizen.

River Citizens are people who want to clean up and protect America’s greatest River. Whether in arm chairs or wading boots, River Citizens protect the River by speaking up on its behalf and caring for it in simple ways that make a big difference. Together, we can protect the River for future generations. Take the first step and sign up as a River Citizen today.

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