Big smiles, a love for the River and motivation to instigate change are a few qualities shared by our new 1 Mississippi intern team. As the coordinators of a national campaign covering thousands of miles from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, we know the importance of hands-on local support. The fact is, it is through our local team members that nearly 7,000 River Citizens have pledged to share responsibility for the River.

This year we welcome six dedicated individuals to lead the 1 Mississippi efforts along the River. Each team member has a region where they will be attending festivals, workshops and various other events to share the 1 Mississippi message that the River is important, it’s in trouble and we can take action to make a difference.

Additionally, the team will be organizing events especially for River Citizens to connect to the River like discounted canoe trips, boat tours and hikes led by experts.

This is the 5th year of the 1 Mississippi campaign!

Every year builds on the success of the last, the number of River Citizens grows and more people are making their own personal connection to the Mighty Mississippi. It is YOU, all of you River Citizens, who are making the progress and together we are poised to have the greatest year in our history. River Citizens are what make 1 Mississippi a real force to be reckoned with.

Get to know your local 1 Mississippi Team Member. Participate in the campaign this year in whatever way you can! First, get to know your local 1 Mississippi Team Member. Check out the new team page on the 1 Mississippi website to see their short biographies and email addresses. Then stop by the booth at your local events and say hello!


Yours in gratitude,



Annette Gomberg, 1 Mississippi Outreach Coordinator





April’s Trivia Question:

Which state along the Mississippi River has the most River Citizens?
a.    Iowa
b.    Missouri
c.    Louisiana

Answer is on the 1 Mississippi blog “You don’t have to be Paul Simon to go to Graceland”.