“Water impacts every single human and living thing on this planet. It is, in my mind, our biggest most pressing concern above all else.
For without it, we simply cannot live” ~Margo Pellegrino

River Citizens take a variety of actions to improve the health of the Mississippi River. We attend River cleanups where we pick up tons and tons of litter, and engage in restoration work by planting native trees. Many River Citizens support sustainable agriculture practices by shopping at farmer’s markets or grocery stores that provide locally grown, organic produce. We also connect with the River by birdwatching from a canoe or attending a riverside festival.

And some River Citizens even go on wild adventures!  Margo Pellegrino, for example, a mother of two and passionate water advocate, is gearing up for a long-distance paddling trip in her outrigger canoe. Starting in mid-August, Margo will paddle from Chicago to New Orleans  via the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, Illinois and Mississippi Rivers, Ten-Tom Waterway, and finally into the Gulf of Mexico. Her goal is to “draw attention to issues impacting our…waterways…and [to] urge communities to take necessary action to protect these resources.” [1] To learn more about Margo’s adventure, CHI2NOLA, check out my recent blog, “Electrified fish fences and oil slicks: One woman’s paddling adventure.”

Photo credit: Ruth Petzold

Photo credit: Ruth Petzold

River Citizens Cody Presny and Haley Brasile are also embarking on an adventurous canoe journey. They’ll be paddling the length of the Mississippi River (2,320 miles!) to promote stewardship and conservation of the Mississippi River. They’ll begin their journey in the River’s headwaters at Lake Itasca in mid-August. We hope you’ll follow their journey on Facebook or via their website, “Amongst the Current!”

So, River Citizens, what will your next Mississippi River “adventure” or action be? Please feel free to share with 1 Mississippi your plans to make a difference for the Mississippi River by emailing me at bthurau@bluestemcommunications.org. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Brooke Thurau
1 Mississippi Campaign Coordinator

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